energy efficient spray foam solutions

Energy Saving Tips Everyone Should Know And Follow

Saving money on energy costs is not only good for your wallet but it is good for the overall environment.  When it comes to our homes there are many things that we can do.  During the initial construction of your home you may want to consider having energy efficient spray foam solutions used instead of traditional insulation options. From there you have a wide selection of options to put in and do to your home for better energy usage.

energy efficient spray foam solutions


Windows that are free from cracks, dry rot and other damage will help keep hot and cold air from escaping and entering your home.  Many energy efficient windows are put into homes after construction as well so if you are in an older home you can still use them for energy saving options.

Timers on air conditioning

Your heating and air conditioning don’t need to be run twenty-four seven.  In fact, if you keep your temperature at a constant level and have the spray insulation installed you will typically have to run your unit half the time if not less due to the universal temperature you create in your home.


Computers, televisions and other electronic devices are typically what we use on a daily basis.  These devices, although have batteries still require power to run.  If you are running a device with a battery make sure that you have the longest lasting and most efficient battery possible.  With appliances, try to run them at the cooler times of the day.  When you run appliances in the heat, they will use extra energy in their cooling cycles.

Scheduling everything

Most of us don’t live on a schedule.  We like to do what we want when we want to do them.  However, to make sure that you have a very per efficient home you may want to start developing a schedule that will help you keep your costs down and your life free of surprises.